Recovery Information

  • Category: Property
  • Number Of Cases: 7102
  • Success Rates: 68%
  • Amount recovered: $4,556,897

How Does Property Fraud Work?

Property scams vary greatly in how they are executed, but they all aim to steal money from unsuspecting individuals who are interested in renting, buying, or leasing a property. In these types of scams, the fraudsters often pose as property owners, landlords, real estate agencies, property management companies, or other property-adjacent businesses to trick their victims into handing over money or sensitive financial and personal information that they can use to steal from them.

Retrieve Your Money by Contacting Us Today

If you’ve fallen victim to one of the many types of property scams out there, you might feel like all is lost — but it isn’t necessarily true. Fund recovery specialists, like ours at Experian, have extensive experience retrieving stolen funds after various real estate and rental scams.