Recovery information

  • Category: Credit Cards
  • Number Of Cases: 4767
  • Success Rates: 81%
  • Amount recovered: $6,856,897

How Do Credit Card Phishing Scams Work?

Credit card phishing scams often involve scammers posing as your bank or credit card company and contacting you by email, phishing for credit card information. The fraudsters usually try to create a sense of urgency by saying there is some type of problem with your credit card, such as a security issue, and ask you for your card details and personal details in order to fix the problem and secure your funds.

Victim of a Credit Card Phishing Scam?

If you’ve fallen victim to a credit card phishing scam, you’re probably feeling really low, but you don’t have to lose all hope just yet. Many people successfully recover some or all of their stolen funds after a credit card phishing attack, either through a chargeback or another fund recovery method.