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Some of the companies we've parnered with and also help recover and prevent from Fraud

Campaign Against Fraud

We started a global Campaign against Fraud, See how you too can help curbing Fraud

Worldwide Campaign Against Fraud

With the positive power of colaboration we all can begin to make a change by putting an end to online Frauds and cyber stacking and bullying.

  • Negotiation Power
  • We have the abillity to negotiate with banks and credit card companies professionally.

  • Quality Services
  • Every case we take is treated in a comprehensive, profound manner.

  • Quick Retrieving
  • Time is a key in regards to whether or not we will successfully retrieve the client’s money. The work is done according to plans and on schedule.

Let's help you recover from these Scams

We are committed to ever resloved to helping you recover from fraud

Romance Scams

Romance scams occur when a criminal adopts a fake online identity to gain a victim's affection and trust.

Property Scams

From rental property scams to property buying scams, every year more types of property fraud emerge that you need to be aware of.

Stock Trading

Scammers prey on those seeking to make a quick buck with shady investment opportunities that have no basis in reality.

Credit Card Scams

Thousands of new credit card phishing scams emerge every year and it’s our mission to fight back against the scammers in the names of our clients.

Cryptocurrency Scams

Though difficult, we will give you our honest evaluation of your case, and if possible, we will give it our best effort to recover your money


These days, it is very hard for the average person to differentiate the scam brokers, from the legitimate ones but we can help.


$300per month

  • General Investigation
  • Documentation
  • Active Fraud Tracking
  • Real time Notification
  • Fraud prevention
  • Advanced research & forensic
  • Worldwide Fraud Recovery
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$3000per month

  • General Investigation
  • Documentation
  • Real time Notification
  • Daily Progress Report
  • Fraud prevention
  • Advanced research & forensic
  • Worldwide Fraud Recovery
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Here from thousands of verified reviews

Saul Goodman

Business Email Compromise

I just got a new case manager Eldad far he has been great, keeping in touch with me..the other 2 people I have talked to have also been great. I have confidence that they can help me get my money back from these scammers. They all need to be stopped. So if u have been scammed, give Experian a call.

Sara Wilsson

Bitcoin Scam

I am very satisfied with the help provided by Experian. I am in constant contact by phone and e-mail with the attorney at law, who takes my case very seriously which gives hope for a positive consideration of my case.

Jena Karlis

Romance scam

My case manager is Mrs. Ozy Rayman and so far I'm very happy with her. She is very reassuring, trustworthy and keeps me updated with emails and phone calls. I'm just at the beginning of the process so there's still a long way to go, but I have faith that Mrs. Rayman will help me in recovering my money.

Matt Brandon

Forex Scam

My experience with Experian was Exellent dealing with Aron Malik was great he was efficient and friendly. I was victim to an online scam and lost a considerable amount of money and they were able to get some of it back and are still trying to get nore for me. Highly recommended.